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Sociology of Death and Dying

Zen Dochterman

List of Sections
Cultural Represntations of Death
Reading Notes
Death in Art, Philosophy, and Religion
Student Forum
Section Syllabus (Zen's)
Class Syllabus (Wendy's)
What I hope to look at in my sections are the cultural, institutional and psychological factors that contribute to our experience of death and dying. Our discussions will be centered around the readings, and will allow you to share your perspectives on death and dying. Additionally, we will treat topics covered in the lecture and I will bring in some short outside readings, film clips or other materials to help facilitate the discussions. I hope that we can examine the way in which various cultures deal with death, and gain insight on the limitations of mainstream American culture's manner of living with mortality. This exploration will allow us to reflect on how our cultural understanding of death shapes the way we live our lives, and open a space for visions of other ways of treating the dying process. I encourage active participation which I do not limit simply to the classroom. Besides in class participation, you may also: