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T-Shirt Prices

Fruit of the Loom

Fruit of the Loom offers cheaper shirts than Hanes that are the equivalent of the Heavyweights, although without the pocket for the following prices:

Style # Colors Multiple Case price Case price
(1 case=6Doz)
Dozen Price Piece Price
30RSR White. $134
Add $2 per shirt for XXL,  Add $3 per shirt for XXXL

Thus at $134 for 72 shirts, the price can't be beat.
288 shirts would cost $536
504 shirts would cost $938
1008 shirts would cost $1876
They might give you a better deal if you order this many.


Hanes has the following price, with pockets:
White. $262 for 72 shirts ($3.64each)
Thus at $262 for 72 shirts you face almost double the cost (although you get pockets)
288 shirts would cost $1048
504 shirts would cost $1834
1008 shirts would cost $3668
XXL adds quite a bit to the cost, in the realm of $2 per shirt. I had Hanes email you with the prices for XXL and XL as a comparison. This information can easily be found at

Polo Shirts

Polo Central

Polo Central offers the following prices on polos with pockets and without embroidery:
Brand Style #  Pieces Price Each
Outer Banks 2100 12 $12.00
Outer Banks 2100 13-48 $10.50
Outer Banks 2100 49-120 $9.50
Outer Banks 2100 121 & Up $8.50
They are located in South Carolina.

Advantage Promotions

Advantage has a number of polo shirts. an order of either 100 or 250 XL shirts with embroidery would cost 25.95 per shirt. I had them email you.


The Embroidery House

The embroidery house offers custom designs and is located in the garment district of downtown LA. They'll email you prices.
For a full list of Los Angeles embroiderers, many of whom do not have websites, look at the embroidery directory