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Imprinting Items and Companies

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CD ROM business cards

TDN CD rom business cards

TDN says they will match or beat any price.

These are listed as "bulk prices" at the address above. 500-1000: $.88
1001-5000: $.78

As far as I can tell, the above are the prices that they offer without actually transferring any information onto the CD rom.
Alternately the following prices are listed for CD roms with content replication and cover art.
3. 5,000 $0.72 each 4. 7,500 $0.70 each 5. 10,000 $0.64 each
For a do-it yourself CD ROM business card kit from TDN CD ROM business cards

BIZ Replication

BIZ offers CD rom business cards 3000 for $.68
I think that this includes file transfers as well.

ACME Manufacturing

This one is more expensive, but includes art and file transfer costs as well, if you include the original files on a CD rom. ACME CD MANUFACTURING WEB SITE
Here is a list of prices for 3000 cd roms, although you might be able to get it cheaper.
            3000 CD-ROMs
     $1890.00  ($0.63 per disc)
              Clear vinyl pouch
     $510.00   ($0.17 per disc)
               SETUP/ONE-TIME COSTS
              Films (for on-disc printing)
              Transfer of master to CD-R
  Total: $2595.00 or ($0.86 per disc)
Here is a list of prices for 3000 cd roms, although you might be able to get it cheaper.

Bottled Water

In terms of the Bottled Water companies, the Apani, Sedona and Dr. Soda websites looked the best although the prices aren't listed. These corporations have worked with big-name clients like Western Bagel and UCLA. I requested price lists from every company that did not list them.
Premier Label Water Company
Suppliers of custom labelled bottled water for sporting events.
Mineral Springs Bottled Water
Custom and private labeled bottled spring water.

Apani Southwest, Inc.

Provides private labeled purified water.
Dr. Soda's Custom Label Water -
Branded water bottles.
Produces custom labels on water bottles.

Sedona Bottling Company

Offers custom labeled bottled water.
																																																						Moxie's LLama Waterworks
                                                   1344 Spring Avenue  Wynantskill, NY
                                          (518)283-4896   (888)MY LLAMA  (518)283-4901 FAX
Call Moxie's Llama Works to get an idea about the price of 16 oz bottles for resale. Prices not listed. They don't do labels as far as I can tell.
Promotion Sports Promotion Sports does bottled water for corporations and sports teams. Their prices are $.55/each (I imagine per bottle) 24 bottles in a case, minimum 100 cases.


The mouse-pad search produced a lot of results as many companies offered good prices. What you need to determine is how many colors you want printed, whether hard or soft top, and what level of quality you are aiming for. I guess the designers or clients will specify most of this, but each company has different prices for these services. These are the best websites that I found, but each caters to a different market and quality level.
ASAP has mousepads for under $1 a pad depending on quantity, although you are limited to 4 color printing. This seems like a good place to start.
Exclamation has the best prices on mouse pads and promises to beat competition prices just in case. They have a huge production volume, sending out over 80,000 mouse pads a day. Mouse pads start at under $2 per pad with full color printing. is a Los-Angeles (Beverly Glen) based mousepad imprinter. I did a random check and 1000 soft top mousepads of 1/8 of an inch cost 1.91 per pad, with any number of colors for the logo.
A1 Imaging prints your logo on mousepads for about 1.60-2.00 per pad (depending on quantity). They have worked with Marvel Comics, Discover Card and UPS offers mousepads with silkscreen imprinting from about 2.50 per pad.

Companies with diverse Imprinting

East Coast Media Productions

East Coast Media offers diverse and innovate promotional items not featured elsewhere.


SPP offers a range of products with logo imprinting, although most of them are tags, card-holders worn around the neck, cushions, pillows, and the like. I think they may do the kind of work you want, especially for stationary and office supplies.

Bargain Printing is a huge company that can print on just about anything.
LL Bean does imprinting on clothes and bags.
second page of imprinting websites