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Praxis: A Resource for Softly Subverting Everday Life

It is not only the large-scale economic and political structures of our existence that must be brought to crisis and overthrown. Power works at the surface of the skin, stabs at us when we blink, runs through our veins at dusk and dawn, makes us tyrants in our own lives. Below is a list of links to pages I have established that offer spaces of resistance, ways to evade the omnipresent economic and disciplinary systems that create the labyrinths through which our daily lives are articulated. Unlike those who are waiting for the wind of history to turn propitious and beckon revolution, we are embarked on the discovery of the unknown from the outset, rudderless, adrift in dark waters. Our resistance has its center everywhere and circumference nowhere. As we embark upon our search for a world composed of pure potentiality, the limitations of the present order become nothing but paper tigers howling as they are burnt by the fire of our dreaming minds. To all who have seen the edge of the world and prefer to dangle over that abyss, resistance has already started.

Free Samples

Who said there's no such thing as a free lunch? This link has a number of companies that you can contact for free samples of products ranging from food to cosmetics to kitchenware to clothes.

Military Draft

Who said the draft was over? HR 3598 is a bill currently in the House Military Advisory Board that force men between the ages of 18-22 to engage in one year of basic training.

Travel Cheaply

I am working on this link, but hope to have an essay on the art of eating for free in foreign lands, the best places to sleep outside, and techniques for not paying for transportation.