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Zen's Short Answer Questions

1.) How does a hospice care differ from long term treatment in a hospital?
2.) Name two cultural practices of Hmong refugees that they are unable to practice in America and explain why.
3.) What is a little angel?
4.) Cite and explain one of Dougherty's arguments against euthanasia.
5.) What is the presumption of invulnerability?
6.) Why does Audre Lorde choose not to wear a prothesis?
7.) List the four parts of the task-based approach to dying and explain their significance.
8.) What are the politics of being mortal? (from article of the same name).
9.) What are Campo's main critiques of HMOs?
10.) What are the major objections to death education?
11.) Name three characters who contract AIDS in And the Band Played On
12.) What is the difference between the African cosmogram and the Western linear model and how do these imply different cultural understandings of death and dying?
13.) What is the principle of symmetry?
14.) What is coding and what is its significance as a euphimism?
15.) What is Campo's mother's maiden name? just kidding