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Travis across Continents

[Shadows of Flowers]
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[Other Times]
[Revolutionary Workman]

Geographical Alterities

Travis has taken flight across space, not by choice but of necessity. Realizing the confines of American isolationism, he has fled his home town of Tehachapi California for the shores of Mexico and Japan. Far from idealizing these new spaces, he wades in conflict, between romanticization and terror.
From humble mountain beginning the revolutionary quickly acquired skills in Japanese at UC Santa Cruz. Seeing himself as other came quickly and intensely on the other side of the planet. He called Japan home without a response. Just as America never responded. He wandered, homesick for the prelapsarian daybreak.
Next he chose to see America's double face, its other crouching among the garbage heaps and shadows: Mexico. From ruins to tourist traps, to language schools and Zapatistas and fly suffused bars he roamed. Through dogbites and vomiting and incomprehension and theft he drove on into the heart of the country. Finding misery and abjection, he did not flinch. The dream of America was having its nightmare.