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Jetztzeit is a German word whose literal translation is "nowtime." The jetztzeit is the instant when the sea of possibilities gives rise to a tsunami. The jetztzeit is a revolutionary time tangential to the one that clocks etch onto our eyelids. Accessing it means engaging in actions that create qualitative ruptures in the hegemonic experience of time, spaciality, identity, labor and economic distribution. The site is political like a kiss is: at its best moments it seeks to shatter the everyday tyrannies of the world. This is a beehive of thought trembling with the desire for other times, other spaces, and other identities to burn through the present order.
on Space
and Spaciality
Essays on
Becoming Other
The Body Without
Organs: A Corpus
of Post-Modern
Praxis: A Resource
for Soft
of Everyday

Thought on the Edge
of the World
Philosophy and
Sociology of Death
and Dying
Miscellany: Hidden Jewels
One day only On-line Valentine Card for Morgan.

Theorizing Alteirty

Irational is cultural and cyberspace sabotage at its best. Site mirroring, disruptive information, aesthetic projects, and hypertext subversion.
Killing King Abacus is your premier anarchist website exploring drowning, subjectivism, measurement systems, political resistance, fire, and joy.
Crimethinc is one the most stunning and envigorating anarchist resources on the web. The Harbinger newspaper has inspired the youth and done what the Party never could: make poltics a party, a poetry.
Not Bored is the situationist-inspired magazine that shot down the tower of Capitalist apathy.
Infoshop is the Target of anrachism online. With more than your brain can process and it's all free for the taking.
The Critical Art Ensemble is an artists' collective that features resistant rhizomatic artworks online.
Another Scene is a hypertext autonomous zone created by Earl Jackson Jr., a professor of Literature at UC Santa Cruz and dedicated to psychoanalysis, semiotics, queer theory, detective fiction, Japanese literature, greek literature and almost everything etched onto paper. Marxist texts, essays, and criticism online. Not a walk in the park, but then again, neither is the annihilation of the present order.

Everyday Alterities

Unnatural Mysteries is dedicated to strange science, the Loch Ness Monster, lost worlds and everything else that makes your blood boil, body shake, and heart crave revolution. is the ghosthunter's website. From camera tricks to paranormal hunting methodologies and photos, this is the place.

Revolutionary Geographies

Explore America's ghost towns in every state at

Natural Disasters: The World is Walking on Stilts

Kansas tornado chaser's website. How to prepare for, follow and exult in the tornado as an aesthetico-experiential practice.
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All writings committed by ghosts who overwhelmed the bodies of various people through insomnia and hunger. All writings can and should be freely distributed. They were never our words in the first place. All graphics on this website are believed to be in the public domain. If you believe I am using copyrighted graphics, please contact me for removal or proper citation.

last updated February 8th, 2002

which is always year zero in the jetztzeit