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i'll work friday. me too. what are you thinking about? do you want to come in for some tea?.three or fours times a week. hi. i didn't know sex could be like that. me either. do you want an open relationship? don't stop. come to france with me. take this plane, here's the number, it's only $300 i'll pay for it. my beatrice. you saved my life. i love you. neither life nor death exists. you did what? let's make dinner. i want to see a movie. but you promised. you're coming to europe with me i know you are. are we doomed? let's get married. i got you a puppy. guido. that's sooo good. sooo good. you counterrevolutionary capitalist roader paper tiger. fuck you. like the spring, like the winter and the morning. sour pie. bleh bleh. no, i have to go to work. you made me late again. bang me. kiss me. again. more. you're breaking up with me? fine i break up. let's take a bike ride. i'm dead, i'm dead. what are you doing with your tongue? you're making me think i'm crazy. i got you good. let's go to 80's night. royal taj royal taj royal taj now. i'm coming to kansas. i don't care how much it costs. do you like her more than you like me? i need to leave santa cruz more often. the fall of the house of usher. i have a secret to tell you. i'm going to give you a surprise. go away, leave. lick my pussy. jump in bed. jump on me. i don't want to listen to that. give me a drag. you're sweet. you need to work on that. so do you. so do you. so do you. you do the same thing. i think my breasts are bigger what do you think? sammy, you love me more don't you? take me to the hospital. you pulled the covers off me so many times in the night. sweetling. i'm breaking up with you. i'm so happy with you. lazy bump. don't go to kansas stay with me. me. stay forever or never come back. i didn't get you anything for your birthday. you're freaking out. i think you're afraid to be close to me. 11 gulab jamun. i can't kiss you with that thing in your lip. i feel so alive. let me give you a haircut. do you think i'm beautiful? liar. i feel so confident in myself. i'm going to paint don't bother me. i can't get in to n.y.u. stop waking me up. let's go out somewhere. i don't care if you kiss other people. i don't exist. put down your book. pay attention to me. i love you. i hate you. i don't care, i love you. we'll have to get a hotel. you don't respect me do you? look at what i made. wake me up at 9. i'll get up. get the mirror. you oaf. you're a neandrathal. let's live in kansas. stop tickling me. oww, oww get off me. i'm going to give you a loveling. that was the best movie i've ever seen. get your own beer. let's have a dinner party this tuesday. you better get me something really good. i am the foco. abandon the university. it doesn't seem real here because you're not with me. i feel like a ghost. come with me. come on. because i love you. because i love you. pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie pie. i think we're having a renaissance. yes, i think so, yes, yes. goodnight baby, i love you. i love you too.