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French Tutoring
Zen Dochterman
(831) 457 2553

French Tutoring All Levels -- Grammar Reviews -- Conversation Groups
  • Dynamic, Interactive, Fun Lessons at your own pace.
  • Meet Downtown, at Cafes, On-Campus, Nights, Weekends.
  • Recent Graduate: Familiar with Teaching Methods and Texts.
  • Patient, Outgoing, Energetic Tutor.
  • First Lesson $10/hr, $12/hr afterwards.
  • Conversation Groups: $12/hr one-to-one, $18/hr TOTAL for up to 3 people.
If you are like many new students of a language, you are probably excited about being able to speak and read the language, but overwhelmed by difficulties in grammar, sentence construction, verb morphology (past, imperfect, conditional, future tense etc...), and memorizing vocabulary -- not to mention the pronunciation! I want to tutor because I love the language and I want to help people who are struggling through the problems I struggled through as an undergraudate. I obtained a B.A. from U.C.S.C. in Literature with a focus on French, receiving both highest honors in the major and college honors. I have taken Literature classes in which I was required to do extensive reading of difficult texts as well as write long critical studies in French. I have also taken German and Spanish and have an excellent understanding of issues related to grammar. I can do grammar reviews, lead conversation groups, or treat any number of private concerns with the language. I know what works and what doesn't work when it comes to busy students trying to learn a language and can explain things in an easy manner. I am patient, outgoing, and enjoy an interactive dynamic for language learning. I can meet on campus or downtown on weekends and nights if needed, as well as during the work week. Spend an hour improving your French. Your tongue will thank you!