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Death and Dying Links

If the word death were absent from our vocabulary, our great works of literature would have remained unwritten, pyramids and cathedrals would not exist, nor works of religious art-and all art is of religious or magic origin. The pathology and creativity of the human mind are two sides of the same medal, coined by the same mintmaster (Arthur Koestler, 1977).
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General Sites with links

Growth House: A Center for Death and Dying Links
A Trinity University site on the sociology of death & dying
DeathNET: a search index for legal, political, psychological and religious issues concerning death and dying.
Death and Dying articles from Global Ideas Bank in the UK
Medline's directory of medical articles about death and dying. Treating the mental health of the terminally ill, the role of doctors and the hospital and the dying process, as well as medical and legal topics. Some articles are clinical while others are insightful.
Culture and Death from the Trinity website.

Statistics Sites

Mortality Rates by race and gender in America, age 25-64 (from above page)
Leading Causes of Death by age
Berkeley's Mortality Database: Statistics Relating to Death and Dying

AIDS research sites

HIV In Site: A San Fransisco based AIDS research webpage
AEGIS: The World's largest AIDS webpage
AIDS quilt official website
AIDS & HIV cases by race, age and genderprepared by department of health

Politicizing Death

AIDS & racial identity statistics and information from
Is suicide a white thing?: Comparative Suicide Rates in African American and white youth.
Race and the Death Penalty in the United States from Amnesty International

Cultural Traditions of Death & Dying

Tibetan Buddhism:

Tibetan Book of the Dead Library from University of Virginia
Tibetan Book of the Dead Text from the Reluctant Messenger Website
NPR interview with Alex Van Oss on the importance of death and the appeal of reincarnation to certain Americans.
Tibetan Buddhist Articles and Texts

Dia De los Muertos:

Ricardo J. Salvador's page on Mexico and Dia de los Muertos
Jose Rangel & Alexis Ciurczak's Dia de los Muertos webpage: Spanish & English

Traditional Catholicism

History of Catholic Burial from the Catholic Encyclopedia

Judaism: Kaddish's website that presents the Kaddish with a short explanation of its religious significance. Hebrew and English


Comparative Attitudes to Death between Arabic Moslems and Americans by Ali Zohery
Essay on Death & Dying in Islam from IQRAA (requires pdf format)

New Moves in Death & Dying in America

National Hospice Organization: provides a compassionate alternative to medical institutions.
Hospice Net: Provides Hospice Care to Terminally Ill people. online articles, and ideas for dealing with loss.

Philosophical Articles

Steven Heine's article on Heidegger and Nishitani and their critiques of the effects of modern science on religious life.

Miscellaneous and Eccentric Sites

Capitalism & Immortality: The fascination with preserving the body, from the Trinity website
Writ on Water: A collection of photographs from different cemetaries.
On-line Pet Cemetary: America's fascination with pets.
Pet's Rest a bay area pet cemetery
Timothy Leary: the world's most technologized death.
Cryonics (Freezing Bodies) Web Page from the Cryonics Institute
Christian Website the cultural mythology (or reality?) of ghosts. Complete with photos, videos and essays.
Last Words of Fictional Characters
Last Words of Famous People
Famous Epitaphs
Keats, John
This Grave 
contains all that was Mortal 
of a 
Young English Poet 
on his Death Bed 
in the Bitterness of his Heart 
at the Malicious Power of his Enemies  
these words to be engraven on his Tomb Stone 
"Here lies One Whose Name was writ in Water."