There are no territories. Territorialization is a verb. It channels flows, creates desires, hooks up energies with organ-machines to receive them. It makes nations and obliterates them.
Only so-and-so's may enter here. [ Police let's say ]
But also this is our turf:[ gangs vs. cops ( Deterritorializing police configuration of the neighborhood ) ] But also this is our turf:[ no other gangs ( Reterritorialization ) ]
Think of the genitals as a giant vacuum into which all pleasure comes from and is subsumed in. ( Territorializing pleasure ) Then think of the overpourings of sweat and semen or blood that turn the body into a non-localized field of pleasure/pain ( intensities ). That's deterritorialization. Spreading. Boundary meltdown. Poweroutage.

Connects to:
Oedipalization Queer Theory

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