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Queer Theory
Anus Genitals Skin

Queer isn't a place - its disrupting the channels into which desiring - machines (organs ) flow. "I'll take anything I can get " squeals one body. Polymorphous perverse squeals Freud. To queer the flesh is to open it to new pleasures, pains, places it forgot. To like indiscrimanently walls & grass or perhaps taking more mild approaches. Queers usually don't like genital primacy, o sweet Oedipus. And without needing to reproduce who cares very much about gender? Not that they go away, or that we could pull our eyes out and blind them to Oedipus. But his pleasures got him killed but kept the world straight. Isle of Lesbos, Castro St.

Connects to:
Feminism Gender Oedipalization