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In the game of chess each piece is determined by its internal attributes and can move across spaces that are pre-determined with importance. The queen IS the queen and can move in any direction any number of spaces. Likewise the molar self defines itself by its organs, gender, subjective identity, etc. . . By contrast in the game of "Go", the pieces all have the same value and come to define each other only relationally by congruences, bonds, conflicts, and displacements. The board of "Go" is defined by how the pieces flow across its surface (the body without organs) rather than having a structure based on an identity of the pieces. Likewise, the schizophrenic, or minitarian self, or schizo self defines itself in a constant state of flux, or flow. Intensities, perceptions, and affects move across the schizo body without being necessarily referenced to the great laws of subjectified individuals: Pleasure, Identity, Childhood etc. . . The molar self says: Ah, so that's where it comes from! I am not really this tree, it was a longing for the Phallus! The schizo says: and then... and then... or yet... and then. The schizo is minituarized along the trembling of each nerve.

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