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Hey! Get back here! The call of "criminal" confers the criminal subjectivity upon the formerly non-criminal. The gaze of shame makes an act which formerly had no qualifications become shameful. Texts and advertisements interpollate subjects in order to win them over or set them at odds with themselves, their desires. "Got milk?" interpollates each subjects identity in a relation to their milk-possesing status. This type of interpollation is inevitable on reading the sign, even for vegans. "No of course not!". It makes subjects reconsider their desires and actions, it conditions and controls children. It creates a subjectivity through a recognition of self in the other and for the other, whether good or bad. "I love you" is the interpollation of the ideal ego in lovers. These interpollations fall and fizzle, break and corrode. More often they establish well known subjects who can be pigenholed and pinned down through a response to these "hailings".

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