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Hey there Roger! Hey Sally! Have I got a story for you. Just the other day I was walking along Similitude Street and you'll never guess what I say. Kids dressed like you wouldn't believe! That their parents allow them to look like that in our neighborhood. Not in a self respecting, middle class white neighborhood like this. Their kind don't belong here! Who do they think they are?

Hey there Steven.. Hey Bob. You look upset. Yea I got roughed up a little today. How come? The same reason as always. Because I am (inserted identity here). They can't keep doing this to (us) [?].

The objectifying gaze makes identities and makes individuals perform those identities to separate individuals within a relationship of domination. Don't be .... because I am not ....... Confusion or underlying categories that links all identity groups: i.e. no longer "women" but poor women, white women, rich black women, queer Chicano women, chicks with dicks, crazy women, sexist women etc . . .Also, acting identities, performing identities, mimcking identites. Fluidity of identity as in Salman Rushdie.

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Interpollation Mimicry Subject