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Heterological thinking is what it is because it isn't what it's not. It defines its objects by asserting what they are not and asserts their self-identicalness. A=A. Saussure knows this method of thinking well. Saussure is Saussure because he is not my teacher, Troy Boone. And as Troy Boone said, to say "I am Troy Boone" is the most conservative statement you can make. Self-identity is paranoid, impenetrable, and exclusive. To be self-identical is to ignore the stars knocking down your doors begging to become-flesh.Homological thinking is what it isn't because it is what it is. It defines things by relating them to similar things or even to the same things it attempts to define. These often seem like tautologies. It makes the universe the same as the human body organism that is actually the universe. More and more things become the same and the cry from the corner of the other doesn't seem so threatening.

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