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Travis Among the Shadows of Flowers

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Who is Travis?

Travis Workman is a rebel. He operates on the fringes of life and death, sanity and madness. He is always one step away from snapping, because the pincers of Capitalism are too much for him. He senses what any non-zombie would sense, the wreckage of history. This sensitivity to the air of the time is one of his greatest features. It makes him a barometer and a Richter scale of the revolution.

What does Travis mean to us?

To the rest of the world he appears quiet, whereas we know that he is a monsoon. The winds and rains that flood through him are enough to threaten whole islands.

What are the political implications of Travis?

Travis represents the future: the death of man. His internationalism and multi-lingualism are the hallmarks of decades to come. Travis is lazy. He displays the anarchist spirit. Even without money he refuses to eat second rate food that he has to cook for himself.